Philip Bedford Wedding Photography | Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photography in Sussex

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many hours will I require for a full day’s coverage?

Let’s assume that you’d like to get photographs of Bridal prep, through to the first dance. If you work 2 hours before the ceremony up until the first dance this should give you a rough answer. Say you’re getting married at 2pm; I can start Bridal prep photos at 12pm and work through to the first dance at say 8pm, giving you a total of 8 hours. This is a fairly basic package, if you’re having a longer day it might go something like this: The ceremony is at 1pm; I’d suggest I start at 11am and work through to the first dance at say 9pm, which would be 10 hours.

I ask clients to tell me what they want covered and what times the ceremony, reception, breakfast and first dance are likely to be happening, then I can judge how long I think they’ll need.

I also provide an hour for free if you overrun on time. This really helps clients who are unsure or get delayed, so it’s reassuring for them that I’m not going to bolt as soon as their official time is up.

2. How much will it cost?

Prices start from £949.00 for about 8 hours of photography, including all the images on a USB flash drive and an online web gallery. I encourage clients to get in touch for a direct quote, as every wedding is different and I only want you to pay for what you want. Please get in touch for more details and for a quote via the contact page.

3. How long does it take for me to deliver the photos to you?

I always aim to get photos to you whilst you might still be on honeymoon and almost always deliver photos to clients within 2-3 weeks. The maximum is 6 weeks (or 45 days) turnaround time from the date of the wedding/payment date.

4. Can we see some complete weddings and testimonials?

Yes, have a look at the archive for all my latest work. You can also check out the testimonial page and have a look at my Facebook page reviews and activity.

5. Are there any extras to be added to the total price?

I don’t charge anything extra for travel provided your locations are within a 50-mile radius of Brighton or are within a 20-mile radius of the M25. Outside this are I will discuss and quote prices for travel and accommodation where necessary. All travel or accommodation fees payable are listed in the quote price given so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying for and there are no hidden extras. If a taxi is required on the wedding day, or if parking charges should exceed £10.00 in total for the day, then the client will be invoiced for these after the wedding day. This only tends to happen in London and again I can discuss this with you at our initial meeting.


6. Are you fully insured?

Yes, with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover supplied to me by Aaduki Multimedia Insurance.

7. Will you have a look around the venue beforehand?

I always aim to arrive for a wedding with at least 30 minutes to spare so that I can look around and get my bearings for the best shots for the wedding day. If you’d like to meet me at the venue before the wedding, we can have a consultation at the venue to discuss the photography.

8. Will there be just colour photos or black and white ones too?

I provide a general mix of colour and black and white but I’m flexible after the wedding. If someone wants me to re-edit a picture into black and white/colour then I’m happy to do so.

9. How many photographs will there be?

Once the day is over, I will process and edit all the photographs taken and reduce them to between 300 – 1000 photographs depending on the amount of hours I am booked for. The amount of photos tends to work out at around 50-75 photographs per hour that I am booked for. So if you had me there for 10 hours you could expect to receive 500-750 photos. I also edit the photographs, tweaking the colours and contrast, cropping images for optimal composition, convert some photographs to black and white and reorder the images to best tell the story of your wedding chronologically and visually.

10. Who will own the copyright?

Can we print the photos ourselves if we want to? Can we copy them and send them to friends and family? Yes! I will remain the copyright owner and you are given a license to use the photographs. This license allows my clients to do ‘whatever they wish to’ with the images, they can print them, share them with friends, upload them to social media etc.… As long as they’re not being used for commercial use.

The best example is if they want them to be published in a magazine, or give images to a wedding vendor. This is usually fine with me (and great for my publicity!) but they need permission from me to do so as they are still my professional work.

In summary, the images are for personal and domestic use only, which is really only what my clients want to use them for anyway.


11. How do we book?

If you are interested, contact me to check availability, learn more about the options and request a quote for your photography. Then we can arrange a meeting somewhere convenient to you, such as a café, pub or your home to talk through your requirements and how things will run on the day, as well as show you some examples of recent weddings printed in the wedding books.

After this, we’ll formalise your booking with a retainer fee (usually around £250.00) and signing of the contract, which will outline the payment schedule and terms.

12. Anything else?

I’ll be at your wedding in a suit and tie, I believe professionalism is very important, but also great camouflage for capturing those spontaneous moments. If you have another question then just send an email to and I'll get back to you ASAP.