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NOTE: This information was updated on 7th August and I’m reviewing the situation as it unfolds. This information may be slightly out of date, but if you have any concerns, please do contact me to discuss further on 07984349058 or email [email protected]. Stay safe xx


We’re all struggling with the coronavirus pandemic that has shocked the world in 2020, and the wedding industry and wedding photographers have been impacted too. I thought it might be helpful to share some thoughts and advice for you regarding coronavirus and wedding photography at this incredibly trying time. Almost all of my clients who had weddings planned for spring and summer 2020 have postponed their wedding to 2021 – and currently weddings of up to 30 people can go ahead with safety measures put in place.

I’ve been doing as much research as I can in the wedding industry in order to be as informed as possible about the current circumstances regarding Covid-19, and please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’d like to chat through any of your concerns. At the moment no-one can fully predict what is going to happen, Wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people are now allowed to take place in England again. But a relaxation in restrictions to allow a total of 30 people to attend wedding receptions from 1 August has been put back until 15 August at the earliest. At present, receptions can only be attended by six people outside or two households inside.

Hopefully, none of this will affect you and your wedding in the coming months, and we’ll be back to some semblance of normal very soon, with safety measures in place and hopefully a vaccine/treatments to help protect everyone.

I’ve found the information provided by on their website to be really useful:

These are totally unprecedented times, and we’re all in this together, facing new challenges and ever-changing circumstances. Talk to your venues, caterers and other suppliers – they’ll be pleased to hear from you and should be happy to discuss options. The wedding industry is all run by independent businesses that care about their clients – it’s why I wanted to work in the sector. If you are thinking about postponing and have wedding insurance, it should cover your commitments to your suppliers, and the venue and other third parties. 

Covid-19 : My policy on Coronavirus and your wedding photography

From my perspective, unless the circumstances change, your wedding will be going ahead and I will be preparing to photograph your big day as agreed. I will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation in regards to your wedding photography, and I can’t wait for these restrictions to be lifted! It may be helpful for us to have a conversation about how the wedding day will be affected by this new situation, if any restrictions are still in place to combat the pandemic.

Should you have to postpone your wedding booking due to the coronavirus, I would be happy for you to move your date, and I will honour all fees paid and the package will remain as booked. A new contract will be issued to confirm the new date, which would supersede the current contract we have in place and the terms will remain the same. Even if your wedding date moves to 2021, the prices will remain the same at the time of your wedding photography booking. Please liaise with me before booking a new date if you’re able to and I can check my availability.

What happens if I’m not available due to this pandemic?

If something happens to me, or I’m not able to shoot a new wedding date if you postpone, I will support you by hiring a replacement wedding photographer, one of the many people in the industry that I know and trust, with a similar style to myself. There will be no additional cost to you, and I would be happy to manage all logistics to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible so you can still have peace of mind. 

If you just want someone to chat to about your wedding, then please feel free to give me a call and use me as a sounding board in this difficult time. In the meantime, stay safe and well. We don’t know what will happen, but rest assured, I am prepared to the best of my ability and I do have options for you if you feel that you need to change your wedding date, so please do get in touch on 07984349058 or email me at [email protected]

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