Philip Bedford Wedding Photography | Preview: Tim & Meg's late summer wedding at Duncton Mill Fishery, West Sussex

Preview: Tim & Meg's late summer wedding at Duncton Mill Fishery, West Sussex

0004_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0004_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex A few preview photos from Meg & Tim's wedding at Duncton Mill Fishery, near Chichester in West Sussex. 

0001_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0001_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex Tim had surprised Meg by hiring Hector, this beautiful VW camper van to take them from St Mary's Church in East Lavant to the reception venue.

0002_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0002_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex 0003_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0003_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex As Duncan is primarily a fishery, the venue only does a handful of weddings each year. The vast lake was perfect for photos and capturing stunning reflections.

0005_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0005_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex 0006_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0006_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex Considering this was late September, we felt really lucky with the weather! As the evening light came in, we got some beautiful diffusion from the cloud and soft, golden colours to take portraits by the lake with. I also got the flashes out for the next shot, to balance the setting sun.

0007_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0007_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex Duncton is in a very rural part of West Sussex, and the stars in this area are amazing due to the lack of light pollution. I wanted to experiment with capturing them in this shot below. 0008_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex0008_Preview_Tim_&_Meg_Wedding_Ducton_Mill_Fishery_West_Sussex


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