Philip Bedford Wedding Photography | Preview: Matt & Donna's wedding at Alexander House Hotel

Preview: Matt & Donna's wedding at Alexander House Hotel


A few preview shots from this Saturday's wedding at Alexander House Hotel with the lovely Matt & Donna. They were lucky with the weather to have a gorgeous and intimate ceremony outside with close family and friends.


I had to negotiate intermittent bursts of sunlight and pockets of shade in the trees of the hotel grounds so we took a lot of photographs amongst the shaded areas. Donna's dress really was something else, even the hotel guests were turning their heads and trying to guess the designer! Just look at the shape of the train and the intricate lace details. 



In the back of the hotel grounds there is a small, dense copse of trees and some moss covered, almost ancient, rocks and steps that made it feel like an enchanted woodland. I added a bit of off-camera flash to the left to add in some more light and further add to the look of an enchanted photo.

005_Preview_Matt_&_Donna_Wedding_Alexander_House_Hotel_East_Grinstead_Sussex005_Preview_Matt_&_Donna_Wedding_Alexander_House_Hotel_East_Grinstead_Sussex 006_Preview_Matt_&_Donna_Wedding_Alexander_House_Hotel_East_Grinstead_Sussex006_Preview_Matt_&_Donna_Wedding_Alexander_House_Hotel_East_Grinstead_Sussex After it clouded over later on, we had to give up on the idea of getting some golden hour light, but we had a wander over to the more wilder areas of the grounds and took a few shots amongst these wildflowers and long grass. I love long grass so much for photos and this time of year is perfect for it!


Philip Bedford Wedding Photography
Thanks Sue, you're very kind! Glad you like the photos!
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An amazing day with an excellent photographer. No wonder your called 'a Legend' !
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