Philip Bedford Wedding Photography | Preview: James & Catherine’s wedding at Cisswood House, Sussex

Preview: James & Catherine’s wedding at Cisswood House, Sussex

The above photo was not taken on a sunny day, it was shot on an overcast December afternoon. Winter weddings can be very beautiful, particularly if the sun is shining or you even get some snow! But sometimes the days in December are just a bit grey, cold and wet!

So to help combat the grey clouds on Saturday, I had a go at creating some golden sunlight using a flash gun and a couple of CTO lighting gels. The photo above just has the light to the left hand side, to help illuminate the branches and Catherine & James with a golden highlight, similar to the kind of light seen just before sunset.  I placed the light in a simlar position to where the sun would actually be at that time of year and day so the photo’s lighting is quite believeable as being natural, rather than artificial. There are a few more examples below:

0006-James_&_Catherine_Wedding_Cisswood_House_Sussex_Preview 0007-James_&_Catherine_Wedding_Cisswood_House_Sussex_Preview

Here we used a pergola walk of trees as a backdrop and again, we positioned the light in a similar place where it would have been if it had been sunny. Some post production has been done to help warm up the background, which was a cold blue/grey in contrast to the warm light of the flash. I still wanted to do some of my regular photos too, in case some of these didn’t work and I had some other photos where we just couldn’t use the lighting in the same way.  Here are a couple of images without the flash, just using the natural, flat light or the overcast weather.

0002-James_&_Catherine_Wedding_Cisswood_House_Sussex_Preview 0003-James_&_Catherine_Wedding_Cisswood_House_Sussex_Preview



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