Robert & Naomi’s wedding at home in the Hertfordshire Countryside

Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,
Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,

Stunning country lanes with long summer grass in the fields and a lush green woodland where they held their intimate ceremony under loads of bunting.  The woodland also has a breathtaking pond and summer house and we couldn’t resist getting the rowing boat for a couple of shots too. 

Robert & Naomi Wedding, The White House, Cuckolds Cross,

We then went for a walk in the field opposite to catch some photos in the fading golden summer light of the evening and topped it off with a firework display. 

Robert & Naomi’s wedding in the countryside north of London near Harpenden, Hertfordshire. View the full wedding using the slideshow below (swipe through images on a mobile) or scroll down for a few shots: 

0002_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire A proper bunting wedding, loads of it decorating the wedding venue and even bunting hanging at the Bride’s parents house! The bridesmaids looked stunning in navy blue dresses, providing a great contrast with the yellow sunflowers.


0020_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0057_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0082_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0080_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0100_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0119_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire

0150_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0165_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0198_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0214_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0217_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0301_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire I love how the wind caught Naomi’s dress just at the right moment here! Also, even the Rolls Royce seems to match the colour scheme of Navy, along with Robert’s tie.


0311_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0317_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0325_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0326_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire The wedding was set in woodland, again decorated with bunting, just at the back of the marquee. The light was beautiful coming through the leafy trees and there were hops decorating the archway that Naomi & Rob got married under. There was also a beautiful pond and summer house just ahead, it was a truly stunning setting for a ceremony and so beautifully peaceful.

0330_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0348_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0366_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0382_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire

0393_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire 0438_Robert_&_Naomi_Wedding_The_White_House_Cuckolds_Cross_Hertfordshire

Featuring this beautiful Rolls Royce and the stunning countryside surrounding Rob’s parents’ home near Hitchin, Hertfordshire.



Marquee: MHC marquees

Catering: Franz Schinagl, Speck Mobile

Florist: Stephanie Randel Flowers

Dress: Sassi Holford, jacket by Susanne Neville

Hairstyling/Make-up: Teresa Cross, La Vita Hair design; Carla Tangi, Feel Beautiful

Bridesmaids dresses: Asos

Groomswear: M&S

Cake: Waitrose

Music: Antler Ceilidh Band

Decorations: Paper lantern company; home made bunting by family friends

Stationary: Kirstin Bruges

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