Dan & Alice Engagement Shoot at Highdown Gardens in Worthing

A summery shoot amongst the cow parsley on the south downs and pristine gardening of Highdown in Worthing. We had a wander on the South Downs in the morning sunshine, which was perfectly diffused by a thin layer of cloud.



We walked to the top of the hill to look over the sweeping vista of Worthing, where you could see all the way to Brighton and Arundel. The view is stunning, but difficult to capture in portraits. I used the background of the downs and the trees and summer bloom as compositional elements. It was great to use a lot of my skills in landscape photography to balance the light of the sky with the darker land.






We then had a walk through the gardens of Highdown in the late spring/early summer trees and bluebells. This gave me a great chance to play around with my Sigma 24-35 F2 Lens and blur the summer foliage for some beautiful backgrounds.