Matilda – Baby Photoshoot

I wanted to test out a new white background I had bought recently for headshot photographs for a corporate client. Previous baby photo-shoot’s I had done used a black background or neutral colours found on client’s sofas and around the house. I also wanted to involve the parents a bit more with the shoot, perhaps holding the baby above them whilst they laid down in front of the backdrop. This proved quite dangerous, due to the fact that holding a baby above you means that, unfortunately, dribble follows the rules of gravity…


Matilda was a little grumpy to start off with, but we had a food break mid way through and a quick nappy change and she cheered right up afterwards. My favourite shot is the one above her, shooting through the mobile, and her face glowing with joy.

Thanks to Matt & Amy for having me round and plying me with cups of tea and tasty homemade flapjack.

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