Preview: Chris & Alice's wedding at Slaugham Place, Sussex

0001_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0001_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

A few photos from Chris & Alice's wedding at St Mary Magdalene's Church in Bolney and Slaugham Place, both in West Sussex. After the church service, we stopped off at Staplefield for a couple of photos with the 1934 Wolseley 21/60 County Saloon they had hired for the day.

0003_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0003_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex 0002_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0002_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

After an initial summer shower of rain, it brightened up for us to take advantage of the breath-taking ruins of Slaugham Place and the bridge over the moat.

0004_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0004_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

0005_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0005_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

0006_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0006_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex 0007_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0007_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

This shot was taken right at the end of the moat using a long focal length, 200mm, to maximise the reflections and light to produce these great colours. 0008_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0008_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

0009_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0009_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex The bokeh in these two photos have rain drops falling off the trees and caught by the sunlight in the background.  

0010_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0010_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

We didn't quite catch a full golden hour as the sun would have disappeared behind the tall trees in the west, so we started shooting a couple of portraits in evening light by the arches. 0011_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0011_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

0012_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0012_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex

Finally, Gosia (My assistant) and I, had a play around with some flashes at night with the arches, placing a flash behind Chris & Alice and a flash either side of the ruins. A light fog had started rolling in to create this misty atmosphere! 0013_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_Sussex0013_Preview_Chris_&_Alice_Wedding_Slaugham_Place_West_SussexChris & Alice Wedding, Slaugham Place, Sussex


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