Preview: Wayne & Vivien's wedding at Crockstead Farm Hotel, Halland, Sussex

0006_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0006_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex A few shots from Friday's wedding at Crockstead Farm near Lewes in Sussex.

0001_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0001_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex

The Lambretta moped is owned by the Father of the Bride and featured in a few photos just after the ceremony, before we set off around the farm fields for some more countryside photographs.

0002_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0002_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex 0003_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0003_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex 0004_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0004_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex I've photographed this venue a few times, so it's an interesting challenge to try and photograph something a bit more unique to my previous shoots. I liked this photo as I hadn't shot the field and country lane in this way before. I'd refrained from shooting this with previous couples as it didn't interest me as much as some of the other locations but I think the leading line of the country lane works well. 

0005_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0005_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex This, however, is a firm classic of mine, both here and at other wedding venues. I just can't get enough of long summer grass as an element of interest in summer wedding photography.

0007_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0007_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex I've been playing around more with my new lens, Sigma 24-35mm F2.0 to create some super soft backgrounds with dappled light.

0008_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_Sussex0008_Preview_Wayne_&_Vivien_Wedding_Crockstead_Farm_Hotel_Halland_SussexWayne & Vivien Wedding, Crockstead Farm, Halland, Sussex Finally, we raced outside just as the sun was setting to capture this shot. We couldn't quite catch the sun before it went down for some golden hour pictures, but instead we used the colours in the sky and a couple of flashes for this sunset picture.


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