Pete & Ellie's Spring Wedding at Fitzleroi Barn, Pulborough, Sussex

0003_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0003_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex  

Pete & Ellie's wedding in the heart of the South Downs at Fitzleroi Barn, near Pulborough in Sussex. The countryside is absolutely stunning, with views of the downs and rolling hills covered in lush, green spring crops. View the full wedding using the slideshow below (swipe through images on a mobile) or scroll down for a few shots: 

0067_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0067_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex 0204_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0204_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

0134_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0134_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex The Fern is the national symbol for New Zealand, where Pete's family is from so a lot of Maori traditions were part of the day. Pete wore a beautiful feather cloak known as a 'kakahu' gifted to him by his family, to wear at the wedding ceremony. This wedding was also on Easter weekend, so the wedding favours were Cadbury Cream Eggs and there was a sweet table with Easter chocolates.   0316_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0316_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex 0001_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0001_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

0004_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0004_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

0454_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0454_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex The farm has some really pretty countryside lanes that were in full spring bloom and created wonderful backgrounds using the bokeh from the the depth of field. 

0005_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0005_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex 0007_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0007_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

We had a little wander in the rape field next to the barn to capture some of that rich yellow that is always scattered through the English countryside at this time of year. The yellow crop rape rubs off its pollen onto anything it touches, so we had to tread carefully.

0553_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0553_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

0681_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0681_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex 0731_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0731_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex The wedding guests served their own food, roasted lamb at each table, with their own chef hats!

0008_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex0008_Preview_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

And in the later evening, we had some surprise Maori dancers, who performed dances and songs for the crowd, including the famous 'Haka'. I love the gentleman watching in the background, dressed in his kilt, bow tie and drinking a nice cup of tea... 1098_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex1098_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex

1124_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_Sussex1124_Pete_&_Ellie_Wedding_Fitzleroi_Barn_Pulborough_SussexPete & Ellie Wedding, Fitzleroi Barn, Sussex


Marquee (if applicable): Petworth Marquees

Catering: Buns to Banquets

Florist: Wild Green Floristry

Dress: Morilee

Hairstyling – Bekki Mitchell

Make-Up – Erika Swinn

Music: Tea for Two

DJ: Marks Peters

Decorations: To have and to hire


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