Paul & Sophie Engagement Shoot at Greenwich Park, London in the Spring

The weather lately has been amazing, and we pent the day in Greenwich Park enjoying the spring sunshine last weekend. Paul & Sophie's wedding is coming up in June so this was all about feeling more relaxed in front of the camera and getting used to being photographed professionally.

0007_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0007_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

0018_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0018_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

We spent a bit of time getting shots in the tree-lined avenues leading up to the Royal Observatory, before heading towards the flowers and blossom. It takes a little time to get used to being photographed so in a way this is kind of a warm up. It's much easier being photographed on your wedding day, as you're surrounded by family and friends and not complete strangers, dog walkers and joggers.

0022_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0022_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

0033_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0033_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

Shooting on sunny days, particularly in spring, means that I'm looking for lots of patterns from the budding leaves and flowers and some backlighting to illuminate it all. Then, using a long lens, everything blurs in the bokeh of the lens and creates a wonderful background and atmosphere. 

0045_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0045_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London 0060_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0060_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

The Royal Observatory, that looks over the City of London, was absolutely packed. We had to shoot with quite a close crop to get a good shot.

0075_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_London0075_Paul_&_Sophie_Engagement_Shoot_Greenwich_Park_LondonPaul & Sophie Engagement Shoot, Greenwich Park, London

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