Preview: Jack & Hayley's Christmas Wedding at Dale Hill Golf Club


Last Saturday was a bit of a struggle when it came to the weather. Fairly standard December weather of wet ground, chilly temperatures, light drizzle and an all round windy groggy day. But the wedding was lovely! We just had to stay indoors, which meant playing around with some lighting and new techniques.


0002_Jackson_&_Hayley_Wedding_Dale_Hill_Golf_Club_Ticehurst_Sussex0002_Jackson_&_Hayley_Wedding_Dale_Hill_Golf_Club_Ticehurst_Sussex The idea of these shots was to blur the christmas lights so much, that they turned into round circles of colour. It took a while to figure out exactly how to do this in the way I wanted to, and I was limited by space being inside. But being as far away as possible and then using a long telephoto lens produced a better result (below).



0004_Jackson_&_Hayley_Wedding_Dale_Hill_Golf_Club_Ticehurst_Sussex0004_Jackson_&_Hayley_Wedding_Dale_Hill_Golf_Club_Ticehurst_Sussex It's amazing what the difference is between the photos above and below. They could almost be the same shot, but the composition due to different lenses is vastly different. Changing your viewpoint and changing lenses gives great variety to a wedding photographer, but you'll need to use flash too if you're working inside!



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