Wedding Editorial Shoot – Woburn Estate – Canon Professionals Services Training


I was really lucky to attend a fantastic day with Canon Professional Services yesterday and shoot with two top professional photographers, Simeon Quarrie & Flavio Bandiera. I also got to try out some great lenses and try out some different styles of shooting and play around with some models and backgrounds.

There were seminars, followed by live shooting sessions where you could practice different techniques and try out different cameras and lenses. I particularly enjoyed playing around with a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens, that captured really  sharp images even with a wide open aperture. We also had some fun playing with smoke grenades and posing couples in a variety of ways. I’m not a big poser when it comes to my style, but it was great to practice outside of my comfort zone and play around with different styles. I also enjoyed using a wide angle 16-35mm lens and a 135mm fixed prime that also captured images really sharply but with beautifully soft depth of field!



Many thanks to Canon for such a great day. Thank you to Simeon & Flavia for their inspiring talks and helpful tips. Thank you also to the models and hair and make up stylists. Thanks to all the support staff on the day and to Victoria Dawe for inviting me along!

I’ve included some of my favourites and a gallery of the images below:

0011_Wedding_Shoot_Woburn_Estate_Canon_Professional_Services 0012_Wedding_Shoot_Woburn_Estate_Canon_Professional_Services

Close-up portraits using the 135mm at f2.


16mm f4: Not a fan of the distortion here, but look at how wide the angle is!


Shot using the 50mm 1.2 lens at f1.6. It’s a very soft depth field, but the subjects are quite sharp.


Loved the misty effect of using a smoke grenade in the background! Need to try this at night with some backlit flash!



Using two video lights to illuminate the couple here, one light either side.

Below are the rest of the photos I shot.



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